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Fume Sanitization

Treatment Features

  • Effectively eliminates and prevents offensive odors’ and allergic reactions caused by bacteria and fungi.
  • Mist based Antibacterial/Germ cleaner reaches the source of mildew and eliminates them.
  • Diffuses a pleasant fresh scent.
  • Keeps your car free from germ and bacteria.
  • **Offer valid till 30th Nov’20.

Advance Sanitization

Interior Sanitization:

  1. Steering
  2. Hand Brake Lever
  3. Rear view mirror
  4. Dashboard
  5. Power Window
  6. Belt Holders
  7. Engine On/Off
  8. Gear Knob & Lever
  9. Glove Box
  10. AVN System
  11. Door Handle
  12. Floor Mats
  13. Upholstery
  14. Fumigation

Exterior Sanitization:

  1. Boot Opening Handle
  2. Bonnet Handle
  3. Keys
  4. Side View Mirror
  5. Door Handle


It kills 99.9% Germs (Germs contain viruses and bacteria’s)

Local market will only provide solutions that are either Anti-Bacterial or anti viral or just fumigation while we at Honda provide one stop solution with all three in one.

We recommend to get your car sanitized every three or four months

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