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Maintenance Tips

1. Make sure the air pressure in tires is accurate. Wheel balancing and alignment should be maintained and checked at regular intervals.

2. Apply brakes smoothly and anticipate your stops.

3. Fill fuel in the coolest hour of the day for better fuel efficiency, high temperature affects the efficiency drastically.

4. Get your vehicle serviced and air filters changed at regular intervals to keep the engine and your car healthy.

5. Avoid over riding the clutch pedal, keep your foot off the clutch pedal. Use the clutch only when needed to avoid damaging the clutch lining

6. Drive in ECON mode (if available). It ensures optimum fuel economy and avoids misuse

7. Change the gears as per the HCIL recommended speed, check driver side’s door panel for more information.

8. Don’t accelerate aggressively as over acceleration leads to low mileage, this is applicable to manual as well as automatic transmission.

9. Switch off the engine at stops over 45 seconds to avoid wasting any fuel.

10. Reduce the vehicle load by carrying only what you need.

11. For Automatic transmission, change the gear lever from “D” to “N” at traffic signals.

12. Do not over accelerate; keep RPM below the red zone in the speedometer.

13. To calculate the mileage of your car accurately, run it for a distance of 40 kms at a speed of 70-80 kmph

1. For best effectiveness, always use Recirculation Mode.

2. Always switch ON the AC in Low Mode and gradually increase the speed.

3. If parked in the hot sun for long, open all the windows completely to vent the hot air out before switching On the AC.

4. Use Front Shades for the windshield to keep your car cabin cooler when parked in hot sun.

5. Always park your car in a shaded region

6. Always use Honda Genuine Refrigerant.

7. Always switch OFF the AC before switching OFF the engine.

8. Follow the Periodic Maintenance Schedule religiously.

9. Adjust the AC temperature & the blower speed depending upon the number of passengers in the car.

10. Keep the blower ON with fan speed at level 3 or more for a few seconds & then switch OFF the engine. This will help maintain a pleasant smell in the car.

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