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Anti Virus Charcoal Filter

Recommendations For Minimizing Risk Inside The Vehicle Cabin

  • Increased fresh air supply is an efficient way to protect against viruses inside vehicles. This maximizes the dilution of airborne aerosols
  • The efficiency of the filter elements plays a vital role in filtering out environmental contaminants, harmful substances and pathogenic aerosols. In recirculation mode, the viral air cleaning performance depends heavily on the viral filtration efficiency of the filtration system and the air exchange rate
  • Innovative filter elements with surface disinfection properties efficiently prevent viral bio­burden from being released into the air again while ensuring the highest level of protection of human health and the environment
  • Filter service: Compare to current change Interval, the cabin air filter should be changed more frequently than usual to maintain optimum protection

Cabin Air Filter Range

Cabin Air Filter

Standard Pollen Advanced PM 2.5 Anti virus Filter
Standard Pollen
PM 10
PM 2.5
Odour Control
Anti Virus

Advanced PM 2.5

  • Double layered high efficiency particle filter.
  • Filters out PM 2.5 particles with > 80% efficiency.

Anti Virus Filter

In addition to features of Advance PM 2.5

  • Multi layered combination filter with activated carbon and leaf extract coating.
  • Gives an odour free cabin for pleasant and healthy ride.
  • Give protection against viruses.
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