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It is here – The New Honda City 5th …

Honda City 5th Generation is a modern marvel that boasts an amazing powertrain along with some of the latest Honda technology for an efficient driving experience. It is the latest four-wheeler in a long line of sophisticated sedans that has stunned the Indian auto industry with its advanced technology and power-packed engine performance. It’s all because of Honda’s unique invention, the Earth Dreams Technology which has surpassed every other technological advancement since it can improve both driving performance as well the fuel efficiency of Honda vehicles.


In addition to this, the Honda City 5th Generation is also equipped with the High Accuracy Valve Technology which allows for better combustion with less friction. It also lowers vehicle emissions to a great extent. Earth Dreams Technology is a gift that keeps on giving since it is directly responsible for the development of the beloved Continuously Variable technology which is very popular in India right now. It is an advanced automatic transmission which not only aims to improve your driving but also ensures that your vehicle runs at its most fuel-efficient speed. Continuously Variable Transmission operates by continually sending power from the engine to the automobile tyres which makes for a smooth, efficient and comfortable driving experience.


Coming to the engines, the Honda City 5th Generation offers two unique engines which are both BS6 compliant which means less emissions. It offers one petrol and one diesel engine which are pretty powerful, the 1.5 litres i-VTEC DOHC petrol engine is a newly introduced BS6 engine which enhances combustion, reduces friction and lowers vehicle emissions due to its high-precision valve control technology known as DOHC VTEC + VTC. The 1.5 litres i-DTEC DOHC Diesel Engine on the other hand comes with an exhaust gas after-treatment system which has been deployed under BS6 in order to reduce emissions at a significant rate.


Also, don’t forget that Honda never compromises on fuel efficiency and power output meaning the new BS6 engines have the best engine specs in the market for a sedan in its price range. For instance, the 1.5 litres i-VTEC DOHC petrol engine in the Honda City produces a best-in-class power output of 89 kW at 6,600 rpm and a torque output of 145 Nm at 3,600 rpm. This provides a better ratio of price to power, burns fuel in an eco-friendly manner while still retaining its high fuel efficiency of 18.4 kmpl with its automatic transmission and 17.8 kmpl with its manual transmission.


The 1.5 litres i-DTEC DOHC Diesel Engine is just as amazing as the petrol engine with its reliability and higher energy density which ultimately results in better fuel economy. The City’s diesel engine runs at a maximum power output of 73 kW at 3,600 rpm and a maximum torque output of 200 Nm at 1,750 rpm. As a result of which it comes with an even better mileage of 24.1 kmpl. Based on your personal preference you can choose not just the City’s colour but also its engine type, transmission and advanced features.


Another great addition to the Honda City is its unique braking system which includes one in the front, one in the rear and another one specifically for parking. The front is equipped with a ventilated disc brake system which is very easy to use and it also provides a safe reduction in speed. The rear drum brake system on the other hand produces less heat and more braking force while the mechanically activating brake system is a welcome addition that makes parking so much easier.


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