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Five Preventative Maintenance Tips …

Everything changes with the weather, the temperature, the humidity level etc, all of which affects your vehicle in numerous ways. Sometimes they may even lead to unsafe driving conditions which might cause accidents or breakdowns. This is why it’s important to ensure that your vehicle undergoes not just regular maintenance but also some seasonal maintenance to stay in the best condition.


Here are five preventative maintenance tips that you can follow for the changing seasons:


1. Tyres: Tyre upkeep is an important aspect of seasonal preventive maintenance since your tyres will change with the seasons. There are two options when it comes to proper tyre maintenance, you can either drive on all-season tyres until the snow and ice fall, or you can cycle between a set of summer and winter tyres depending on the weather to ensure that everything lines up evenly for smooth and safe driving. Also, it’s important to note that tyre replacements are required during every seasonal transition.

Other important tyre maintenance steps involve alignment and rotation of the tyres since the treads of these tyres wear down over time, usually on one side more than the other. This might cause erratic driving and possibly make steering difficult over time. A simple solution is to rotate your tyres on a regular basis which will ensure that the tread wears evenly, making your car function more smoothly. It even extends the life of your tyres.


2. Brake inspection: One of the biggest problems during the winter and monsoon seasons are the sleek roads which reduces the vehicle’s grip on the road. It is an extremely dangerous situation which can be prevented by inspecting and installing proper brake pads. Additionally, mechanics will also check your vehicle’s caliper, rotor, drum and pads to ensure that they are in good working condition. These simple measures will provide a smooth drive for a long time.


3. Oil change: It’s not just the winters with their sleek roads that are a cause for concern. Summers bring on their own problems which affect vehicle health drastically. For instance, did you know that in the summer your vehicle can undergo a build-up of trash and other dust particles?

Sandy roads, insects, dry leaves and other environmental elements end up affecting the health of your car in adverse ways by polluting the vehicle’s oil. In order to prevent such problems it’s best to get an oil change during the summer months. In addition to that the heat also causes the vehicle’s fluids to deplete faster and sometimes the oil even gets clumpy and sticky over time, rendering it completely useless. It’s best to change your oil every 6 months or every 10,000 miles to ensure a safe driving condition.


4. Heating and air conditioning: Regulating your cabin temperature is a must especially during the seasonal transitions. Too much heat or improper air conditioning is a cause for concern especially during the summer months when the sun is boiling down on us. At the same time the reverse is true during the winter months, so checking your AC and heating systems are a must.

Mechanics usually perform a visual inspection, like checking for leaks or issues with fluids and vents and they also make minor repairs if needed to ensure vehicle health. These simple steps will help you enjoy a refreshing cabin atmosphere no matter the weather or temperature outside.


5. Tune-up: A vehicle tune-up will not only make sure that your car remains in perfect health but it will also put your mind at ease. Seasonal tune-ups will ensure that your vehicle is ready for the coming weather conditions which might affect your travelling experience. A regular tune-up involves checking up on the engine, the battery, replacing the spark plugs, scanning for default codes etc.


Ring Road Honda introduced the new Honda Quick Service program, a quick and comprehensive service program which ensures that all your servicing needs are met on time. Honda experts offer periodic maintenance on your vehicle which is conducted in just under 3-hours. Isn’t that great? You can get your car serviced in just under 3-hours!


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