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A Quick Guide To Honda WR-V Compact …

Honda WR-V is a great choice for the Indian roads. It’s classy, reliable and comes loaded with a variety of features to help you drive safely and comfortably. It is the perfect compact SUV with distinctive dimensions and spacious interiors which will help you park safely anywhere while still providing you with enough cabin and cargo space.


For instance, the dimensions of the WR-V include 3999 mm of length, 1734 mm of width, 2555 mm of wheelbase, 1601 mm of height and 188 mm of ground clearance. It’s pretty great for a compact SUV especially when you consider the enormous boot space of 363 litres. It will come in handy when you’re going on a long vacation or shifting to a different home. You can also expand the boot space by folding down the rear seats!


Furthermore, the new WR-V is offered in five unique colours namely  Lunar Silver Metallic, Golden Brown Metallic, Modern Steel Metallic, Platinum White Pearl and Radiant Red Metallic. Driving around in one of these gleaming WR-Vs will undoubtedly set you apart and make you shine.


Here is a comprehensive guide to help you get the best of the Honda WR-V:

1. Use the LED technology in the Honda WR-V for clear visibility especially at night or while you’re driving through the fog. It includes LED Fog Lamps, Halogen advanced LED rear combination lamp, LED projector headlamps with integrated DRL and the advanced LED rear combination lamp.

2. Stay connected to your digital lifestyle with the WR-V’s DIGIPAD 2.0. It is a 17.7cm touchscreen with advanced display and audio system which can be used for messaging, music and more. It has intuitive and easy-to-use controls.

3. Honda WR-V also comes with the best sound system to keep you entertained throughout your journey. It includes 4 speakers, two front tweeters, AM/FM Digital Radio Tuner, MP3/WAV and USB-in ports.  Listen to your favourite playlist or the latest audiobooks with the best sound clarity.

4. Also, the steering mounted audio/voice controls in the Honda WR-V will help you access the entertainment without letting you take your hands off the wheel. It enhances safety while driving.

5. Another great feature of the Honda WR-V is the Honda Smart Key System with Keyless Remote, which allows you to enter your vehicle without using a key. As long as the key is on board, you can operate the Honda WR-V without any fuss.

6. The tilt steering function of the Honda WR-V enables the driver to turn the steering wheel in an arc and in an up/down motion meaning you can adjust the steering wheel based on your specific requirements for a comfortable driving experience.

7. Another bonus feature is the telescopic steering function which enables an adjustable steering to be used by drivers to direct the route of a moving vehicle. It makes driving a lot easier.

8. Avoid driver fatigue during long drives by simply using the cruise control feature in the Honda WR-V. You have to keep your foot on the pedal to maintain the set speed, the cruise control feature will do it for you by using the accelerator pedal to control the throttle.

9. Have trouble parking your car? Then use the Rear Parking Sensors equipped within the Honda WR-V. It will help you detect any objects that are closer to the vehicle and more importantly you won’t hit the curb while parking your car.

10. Monsoon and Winters can have a terrible effect on your car. It will especially affect your visibility and driving which is why Honda has installed the Rear Windshield Defogger. It will clear the moisture, remove haze and thaw frost from your windshield for better visibility.


Furthermore, Ring Road Honda offers professional, proactive, and proficient car maintenance services for a hassle-free driving experience. We employ expert Honda technicians who use our cutting-edge infrastructure and world-class Tools & Equipment to service your automobiles.


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