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5th Gen Honda City Now Available wi …

Honda has taken the connected car revolution to the next level with the introduction of Google Assistance in the new Honda City 5th Generation. Honda Action on Google was introduced in 2021 as an enhanced version of Next Gen Honda Connect which means that the Honda City 5th Gen now works with ‘Ok Google’ commands. It is an extension of the integrated Connected technology along with the Alexa Remote Capability.

The Honda Action on Google offers ten voice-enabled features which can be executed using Google Assistant-enabled devices like the Google Nest Speakers, Android phones, and iOS devices. It not only makes our fast-paced technology-dependent way of life easier, but it also accommodates our on-the-go lifestyle. Also, Honda has also made it possible for you to use text-based commands to access these 10 features as well.

Here is how you use google commands to access these 10 features:

1. Remote Access: You can now remotely access your Honda City 5th Generation with Google Assistant. Simply say ‘Ok Google, ask Honda to switch on my AC or unlock my car doors or set the temperature to cool’ etc.

2. Remote Boot Access: Again, simple voice commands like ‘Ok Google, ask Honda to unlock my car’s boot’ will give you hands-free access to your car’s boot.

3. Car Dashboard: You can also ask Google Assistant to check on your car and have access to the real-time status of the doors, lights, odometer, engine and battery health, etc.

4. Locate My Car: Have access to your car’s location at all times with simple voice commands like ‘Ok Google, ask Honda to share my car’s location.’

5. Fuel Status: Use voice commands like ‘Ok Google, ask Honda to check my car’s fuel capacity to have access to your car’s fuel status even when you’re not in the car.

6. Battery Health Status: Stay updated on your battery performance with simple voice commands like, ‘ Ok Google, ask Honda to tell me about the car battery.’

7. Time Fencing Alert: Time Fencing alert is a unique mobile feature that generates alerts if your car is accessed during safety mode. You can switch it on or off as required using simple voice commands like ‘Ok Google, ask Honda to turn on my car safety mode.’

8. Service Features: Did you know that you can check your vehicle’s service history including date, dealer, and cost with Google Assistant? You can also check your car’s validity on Roadside Assistance, Pollution Under Control certificate, insurance, and so on with simple commands like ‘Ok Google, ask Honda about my PSU expiry date.’

9. Find My Car: Lost your parking ticket? No worries, just use simple voice commands like ‘Ok Google, ask Honda to find my car.’ Your car will begin blinking and beeping as a result of these remote commands, making it easier for you to locate the vehicle.

10. Tyre Deflation Status: Finally, you can also check on your tyre’s deflation status with voice commands like ‘Ok Google ask Honda to check the tires.’ Such regular check-ups with voice commands will not only make your life easier, but it will also ensure safe driving conditions.

Furthermore, Honda has also upgraded the Honda Connect platform with four new functionalities namely, Valet Alert, Fuel Log Analysis, Cost of Maintenance Analysis, and Enhanced options for Service Products. As a result, the new Honda City 5th Generation now includes an extensive list of 36 features with its Honda Connect. These additional features provide the added safety and convenience that every sedan needs.

For instance, if your vehicle is driven outside the valet parking limit, the Valet Alert system sounds an alert and sends a notification. While the Fuel Log Analysis will show a graphical representation of many features, including the fuel filing trend, kilometres driven, cost per kilometre, fuel consumed, and fuel cost in order to help you economize on your driving habit.

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