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5 Major Reasons as to why the Honda …

The new Honda Jazz is one of the safest hatchbacks to hit the Indian market. It is the ideal family vehicle since it has enough space for every passenger and advanced safety features to keep them protected at all times. In addition to that the new jazz is also equipped with several special features to protect you and your family, in the event of a crash or collision.


This one-of-a-kind Honda vehicle was designed with style, luxury and comfort in mind. With its chrome accentuated high gloss black grille, sporty sleek halogen headlamps, advanced LED fog lamps, leather Wrapped Steering Wheel, Front Centre Panel with Premium Gloss Black Finish and satin silver garnish, the new Honda Jazz stands out as stunning vehicle. It is also available in five brilliant shades designed to mesmerize namely Radiant Red Metallic, Lunar Silver Metallic, Platinum White Pearl, Golden Brown Metallic and Modern Steel Metallic.


And when it comes to passenger safety, nothing can beat the Honda Jazz with its 4-star safety rating by Global NCAP. This ultimate vehicle received 31.54 points for child safety and 13.89 points for protecting adult occupants.


Moreover, the test result states that the new Jazz offers excellent protection for the front occupants’ head, chest and neck while providing adequate knee and tibia protection for both its driver and front passenger. The bodyshell and footwell areas were deemed stable as well.

5 major reasons for Honda Jazz’s ultimate protection include:

1.The ACE, or Advanced Compatibility Engineering Body Structure, is one of the most important safety features introduced with the new Honda Jazz. It redistributes the crash force evenly and redirects it away from the passenger compartment, while minimizing damage to nearby automobiles. Similarly, the pedestrian injury mitigation technology will assist in the minimization of injuries.


2.The Collapsible Electric Power Assisted steering system is another one of Honda’s ingenious technologies designed to safeguard the driver. It has a 5.1-meter turning radius which provides better handling and improves the driving experience. Honda engineers specifically designed it as part of the Jazz’s passive safety system in order to reduce injury to the driver in the event of a frontal collision.


3.Did you know that the Jazz is fitted with enough security features to protect the vehicle itself?

The Engine Immobilizer is one such feature. It is an advanced anti-theft device with a transponder in the ignition system and a receiver in the vehicle itself. When someone tries to start the engine, the car sends a request to the key and the immobilizer instructs the engine to start only if the key responds with the right predefined signal.


4.Also, a smooth and efficient driving experience often helps in preventing collisions or accidents. The 7-speed paddle shift and cruise on the Honda Jazz makes it one of the smoothest vehicles in the industry, especially when combined together. The Paddle Shifters enable you to shift gears without the need to move your hands from the wheel, which is much safer and quicker.


Cruise Control, on the other hand, reduces driver fatigue since it maintains the set speed for a long time without pressing on the pedal. It is especially useful during long journeys on the highways.


5.Additional safety features in the new Jazz include the Standard Dual SRS Airbags, ABS with EBD, driver/passenger seat belt reminder, Multi-View Rear Camera with Guidelines, LED High Mount Stop lamp, Speed Sensing Auto Door Lock, Rear Parking Sensor with Camera and more.


Each and every safety system in the new Jazz is designed to provide you with a secure driving experience and complete peace of mind. For instance, the Speed Sensing Auto Door Lock system is designed to automatically lock all the doors of the Honda vehicle after it reaches a certain speed. This is to ensure that the vehicle’s doors are not opened accidently while the car is still moving.


It’s a gorgeous four-wheeler, which is convenient to drive and loaded with exclusive features. Want to know what other features ensure your safety in the new Honda Jazz?

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