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The technology behind the Honda Cit …

As an alternative to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles that are better for the environment, hybrid electric vehicles have recently received a lot of attention. The Honda City e:HEV makes use of cutting-edge technology to cut emissions and improve fuel economy. The heart of this car is the Hybrid Electric system.


The lithium-ion battery

The battery in the Honda City e:HEV is a key component as it has a capacity of 1.3 kWh and is located under the front seats. This battery pack is connected to a power control unit that manages the flow of electricity to and from the battery. This car uses a high-capacity lithium-ion battery pack.



The Honda City e:HEV uses a two-motor hybrid system. The engine and electric motor work together to provide smooth, efficient and responsive acceleration. The engine is a 1.5-litre DOHC I-VTEC petrol engine producing 98 horsepower and 127 Nm of torque. The electric motor, on the other hand produces 108 horsepower and 253 Nm of torque.


Regenerative braking

This car has a regenerative braking system that captures energy from braking and deceleration and converts it into electric energy to recharge the battery pack.


Electric motor

The electric motor of the Honda City e:HEV is designed to provide instant torque, which contributes to smooth acceleration and responsive driving. The electric motor also acts as a generator during deceleration and braking, converting kinetic energy into electrical energy to recharge the battery pack.


Eco-assist system

The Honda City e:HEV features an eco-assist system that provides real-time feedback on driving efficiency. The system includes a colour-changing speedometer that helps drivers optimise their driving behaviour for maximum fuel efficiency.



The Honda City e:HEV uses an electronic continuously variable transmission (e-CVT) that seamlessly integrates the engine and electric motor to deliver smooth and efficient power delivery.


Intelligent Power Unit

The IPU is the compact module that houses the battery, power control unit and DC-DC converter. It is located under the hood, near the engine, for easy access and maintenance.


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