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The Importance of Routine Car Maint …

Automobiles are the lifeblood of transportation in India, especially with the crowded public transportations and the rising cost of auto and taxi services. Owning a car has become a necessity these days and maintaining one is even more important. Routine car maintenance will not only ensure a smooth drive for you but it will also guarantee a safe and comfortable journey. Moreover, routine maintenance will extend the life expectancy of your automobile as well.


It doesn’t matter if you own a hatchback, a sedan or an electric vehicle, every automobile requires routine maintenance to stay in top-condition. Routine maintenance generally involves checking fluids, belts, tyres, spark plugs, battery performance, air conditioner, cooling system and more. It also involves repairing or replacing any damaged or worn out parts. This will ensure a safe driving condition and lessen the possibility of a breakdown or an accident.


Here are a few reasons as to why routine car maintenance is important: 


1. Reduce wear and tear: Servicing your car regularly makes sure that the wear and tear of its many components are reduced to a great extent. It will maintain your automobile at peak condition so that you can drive anywhere and everywhere without any worry. If your vehicle is not maintained properly it may prove to be fatal like improper tyre maintenance causing the tyres to burst when there is sudden application of breaks which in turn may lead to accidents. You can also extend your vehicle’s life expectancy by routinely servicing your car.


2. Enjoy complete peace of mind: Routine car maintenance will ensure your safety and that of your family’s, since it can prevent any potential car problems you may face at unfortunate times. For instance, without proper maintenance your car might break down in the middle of the night far away from any nearby towns or cities. At such an instance safety becomes a huge issue. Regular maintenance will ensure that your vehicle does not fail you when you need it the most. You can also enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that your vehicle remains in top-condition.


3. Save money in the long run: Did you know that routine maintenance will also save you a lot of money in the long run? Especially since it will prevent minor issues from turning into major ones which might cost a lot of money. For example, changing your oil less regularly than recommended will cause your engine’s main components to wear out much faster, necessitating full engine repair or replacement which would increase your service expenditures.

Furthermore, it is significantly less expensive to repair a vehicle component, such as the belt, when recommended by the mechanic or the car manufacturer rather than waiting for it to break on its own. Therefore, it is better to service your car on a regular basis as it will keep your service costs low and your insurance rates from rising.


4. Maintain your vehicle performance: Without periodic maintenance your car’s performance will deteriorate rapidly which may cause major problems while driving. For example, a worn out spark plug will have a significant impact on your engine performance while an old and faulty battery will prove to be difficult to start in extreme weather conditions. Such issues will prove to be problematic in daily life.

What if your car fails to start just as you’re about to leave for an important meeting or when you’re trying to drop your kids off at school before the bell rings? You can easily avoid such stressful situations by servicing your vehicle on a regular basis.


5. Ensure high resale value: Also, routine maintenance will get you a better selling price than a car that has rarely been serviced and shows signs of poor maintenance. This is because periodic maintenance ensures that the car’s components, accessories and overall performance stay in peak condition. The impact of regular maintenance can also be seen on the vehicle’s appearance which will inevitably increase its value.

Also, don’t forget to keep meticulous records of all the services the vehicle has been through since it will play a vital role in determining the true value of your car for resale.


So are you finally ready to service your vehicle on a regular basis? Connect with us at Ring Road Honda for first-class maintenance services. Your car will drive like never before after our technicians get their hands on it!

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